Applying robots to modern day workflows and processes.

Primary Sector

Farming, mining, hunting, fishing, and forestry, or any occupation closely involved with nature.

Secondary Sector

Automobile production, textiles, construction, engineering, metalwork, and utilities.

Tertiary Sector

Retail sales, hospitality, entertainment, banking, insurance, law and health care.


Horse & buggy. Ox & plough. Man & hammer. These are just a few of the numerous traditional methods of performing work that are now (or are soon becoming) things of the past. Today, automated cars, sensor-driven tractors, and power tools are some of the millions of innovations that are improving workflows and making lives easier and better for everyone. Robots are another one of these miraculous inventions that continue to appear in all sectors of industry and are making a great difference. Robots are also making appearances in the quaternary sector which is based on intellectual endeavours and includes careers in government, research, education, and information technology.

Greetings, Human!

Nao (and some of his friends including Pepper) have been seen in hotels and retail outlets across the world greeting guests as they enter and providing relevant information to their visitors in multiple different languages. Their reception and concierge services are unmatched and would certainly be something to write home to Mom about! So charming!

Business Robots