Educate yourself as you educate them.

Elementary Schools (K-9)

Kids can use robots as a platform in their classrooms to help them learn the skills of coding and programming.

Middle & High School

Students can build on the skills they develop in their elementary years with programmable tech options.


Graduate students are continuing to utilize robots as they research and develop new theses and cutting-edge ideas.


Some of us remember learning to use computers in school. We learned basic skills such as typing, word processing, and mathematics. Nowadays, children are being taught how to code websites, develop new apps, and write new software programs. In addition to iPads, 3D Printers, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Cloud Computing, and Social Networking, Robots are yet another amazing, experimental platform for people—Kindergarten to graduation (and beyond!)—to learn how to push the boundaries of innovation and discovery in our world and expand the horizons of modern science, technology, and humanity. Does that sound like something you want to be a part of?

Education Nao!

Nao is a humanoid robot, meaning he has many of the same physical features as we do. But he also has the ability to learn like we do. In fact, Nao can recognize and speak in 20 different languages. His mind can also analyze his environment, react to things as they occur, and recognize shapes (and faces)! He comes complete with a package of tools for programming and animating which allows us to invent new behaviours for him and to create apps—learning apps! He is built tough, and he can be properly handled when necessary; but, he also possesses freedom of movement to perform precarious movements on his own such as doing a dancer’s pose.

Education Robots