Need an extra hand?


Robots are helping out around the home with things like vacuuming, serving drinks, and entertaining guests.


The usefulness of robots in business can be seen from the moment you enter a store to the moment you leave.

Public Spaces

Robots are navigating public spaces helping out with transportation and a little entertainment.


The whole purpose of new technology—and robots, specifically—is to make life easier! Whether they are improving business workflows, performing house chores, or just brightening up someone’s day with a bit of entertainment, robots are continuing to provide useful and profitable service to the world in many different forms.

Need help carrying your groceries?

Becky, also known as “Budgee”, is a utility robot by design. Using her digital tether, and a bit of control, Becky managed to navigate the aisles of her local grocery store, helping her owner with the heavy load of carrying the groceries through the store and then back to the house in time for dinner.

Utility Robots