Companions with little to no upkeep…

Senior Engagement

There are many robots available on the market that cater to enhancing the lives of seniors through creative means.

Child Engagement

Robots present a wide range of engaging features for kids to aid their mental growth.


Robots have proven to be effective in reducing anxiety and providing peace-of-mind to patients in need.


Companionship is a feature that some robots share based on their design and purpose. Whether it’s a parenting strategy for children who can benefit from something that is more than just a “toy” or a therapeutic solution to reduce anxiety in patients, there is a growing demand among many for a sense of companionship. Robots are beginning to play a growing role as a solution to this demand.

Robot Companion Pets

The Companion Pets were developed to provide interactive companionship, reduced anxiety, and the option to have a pet that does not come with the high level of maintenance of a real pet. These “cats” and “dogs” look, feel, and sound like real animals. They respond to outside stimulus (such as petting, and audio) and have a very lifelike appeal.

Companion Robots