Positive reinforcement for the disabled and those in need.


With the advent of technology, caregivers are seeing better robot solutions for everyday needs.


The demand of robots as assistive devices for those with disability is increasing with awareness.


Robots can be seen in healthcare practices. They are tools and devices prescribed to improve the quality of life.

Robots Can Help...

In the past, the disabled had access to much less resources to improve their quality of life. In today’s society, technology has opened many new doors for the disabled and those in need. New robot technologies are giving caregivers and the disabled access to new aspects of life that were not achievable before.

Meet Obi

Obi is a technological masterpiece in the robot industry. Obi is an assistive robot that gives those with disability or disease that affects their upper extremities the ability to enjoy food using a robotic arm and four food compartments. It gives the diner’s a sense of independence and confidence.